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Beauties Who Brunch

On September 15, 2019, I had the pleasure of doing a QA with Dr. Bee at Beauties who Brunch. This amazing event was hosted by Miss Naomi Jackson, owner of Too Pretty For What. Miss Jackson a sophomore at Alabama A&M saw a need for young ladies to chat, chew and connect on the importance of having a network throughout your collegiate journey! For two hours this group of 18 young women laughed, cried, shared, connected and grew together. I was in such awe of their determination and ambition. Young and fearless I know these young ladies didn't realize how much they taught me during a time when I was supposed to be giving out the lessons. At such a young age many of them are current and aspiring business owners. We discussed important topics such as the spirit of discernment, distractions, remembering your why and tips to staying focused, how to deal with rejection, having mentors, competition and comparison, and how do you know what you're doing is truly your God-given purpose.

During our time together I found that the best way to answer their questions was to be completely transparent. I shared with the following things:

1. I speak to God daily. I ask every day that he reveals my purpose and bless me with the spirit of discernment.

2. Make sure you have an accountability partner. A person that is as equally invested in their success as you are in yours because they will never put you in harm's way of risking your future.

3. Second to God synergy is one of the most important and needed things. It is not enough to simply have relationships they must be synergistic.

4. Delay is not a denial. Don't fear rejection sometimes it is God redirecting you to the right path.

5. Get a mentor. As a matter of fact, get more than one mentor. It is important to have trusted people to help guide you on your journey.

6. The only way to truly know your purpose in life is to pray. You have to seek God in everything that you do. Faith follows faithfulness and God 's promise will always prevail. He will guide your path and show you, your purpose if you seek him.

7. Read more! Reading truly is fundamental and will change your life. I would suggest to each of you to read at least one book a month. A great book to start with is "The People Factor" by Van R. Moody!

8. Competition and comparison will literally crush your spirit and kill your dreams. Stop comparing yourself to people you see on social media or around town. Remember you are only seeing the highlight reel, no one and I mean no one ever posts their lowest moments. Your time is coming, focus on what matters and remember that later is greater!

It is my hope that young ladies remember these two things:

"He who walks with the wise grows wise but a companion of fools suffers harms." -Proverbs 13:20

"The race is not to the swift nor the battle to the strong but he who endures to the end."-Ecclesiastes 9:11

With God all things are possible just hold onto his word and he will guide you. A huge thank you again to Naomi for allowing to Brunch with these Beauties!


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