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My first 100 days on the Job

A few weeks ago I was asked how did my first 100 days go. I just smiled and said great. But to be honest it's been a roller coaster ride full of life lessons and so many blessings.

Let me start by first saying I've worked hard to get to this point and I have to thank God, my mentors, my family, and my friends for believing in me, affirming me, and making sure I am and always will be in the right position to receive what is for me. So now let's get into what you came for. A few months ago I received a great opportunity that would push me further in my career. I was named Interim Associate Vice President for Student Affairs and Judicial Appeals. I know it's a mouth full but at this point, it rolls off of my tongue. In this role, I have the pleasure of leading: Career Development, Student Activities, Public Safety, Band, Dining Services, Health and Counseling, Health and Wellness, Title IX, and the programmatic side of Housing. Nine units all to myself and let me tell you each of them come with their own amount of stress.

Now don't get me wrong I love love love my job! I love my students, I love being in a position where I get to directly influence and impact their lives. But baby when I tell you the statement "Heavy is the head that wears the crown" is the truth- it's the honest to God's truth.

Most days I wonder am I good enough, am I doing enough, and am I smart enough to lead these people. Other days I walk in there like I'm a Boss ass B*t*h (see picture below lol). But don't get it twisted it's more days of self-doubt than anything. Imposter Syndrome is REAL!

I've been disrespected, lied on, underestimated, pushed (literally), and still I show up every day with a smile on. I forget to call & text people back (charge it my head and not my heart), I've cried each time I've had to uphold a decision to kick someone out of school, COVID-19 has taken over my life, the students call me the Mask Police, 8 hours of sleep I don't know what that is anymore, literally twice a week I get a phone call saying Dr. Holloman why did you do that 😂 it's not funny but I have to laugh and just be grateful that I have a mentor that teaches me instead of belittling me because baby when I say I mess up a lot I do mean a lot.

But please please please don't get it twisted... I have had some AMAZING days too. Each area is thriving as we are attempting to return to Normal, we have relaunched the We Read, Too book club, partnered with other departments across campus to produce quality programs to help improve retention, worked with ITS to distribute laptops to EVERY freshman student, vaccinated a large portion of our campus and the Huntsville community through the AAMU Vaccine Clinic, provided progressive training to our Student Leaders and Greek Organizations, provided diverse and inclusive programs in partnership with the Human Rights Campaign, and held a record-breaking virtual and in-person career fair.

Now I said all of that to leave you with these few points:

  1. Being the Boss Bee is hard but so is being a worker, Bee. Choose your hard.

  2. People will underestimate you, let them.

  3. A glass of wine can solve most of your problems.

  4. Create a good playlist to get and keep you going. Spotify – Keep Yo Head up Bee

  5. Find multiple mentors and listen to them.

  6. Give yourself some GRACE! You will make mistakes and that's ok! Just don't keep making the same mistakes.

  7. Always trust your gut.

  8. Carry yourself with the same confidence as a mediocre white man.

  9. Remember the following: have fun, pray often, read a lot, listen more than you speak, and work hard. You deserve to occupy the space you are in. You are brilliant and the world needs you. Take care of yourself, protect your peace, keep grinding and keep shining!

Yeah, you guessed it all of that was for me! I'm grateful for the good and the bad days. God got me and this is just the beginning. It's only up from here so stay tuned 💛
Since you're here check out the photo gallery below to catch a few of my looks this semester


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