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No ACT oh that's What's Up

Hi guys!!! So many of you may not know but I work in Higher Education (AAMU, GO Bulldogs)! As an advocate for students, I want to pop in and talk about the new admission requirements for many colleges and universities across the United States. Since COVID-19 and the impact on our lives, one major change is social distancing and the stay at home order that has hindered a lot of students from taking the required standardized test for college admissions. Easing concerns of many parents and students, many schools have waived ACT/SAT requirements to keep enrollment numbers leveled.

For many students (myself included) they have amazing grades but struggle with standardize tests. I can't tell you how many students I see with 4.0 GPA's and barley make a 16 on the ACT. The reason behind that is another post for a later time. What does this ACT/SAT wavier mean for students today? You can literally apply and be accepted ANYWHERE! I don't know if you heard me but yes I said to apply and be accepted, ANYWHERE! Well most places, but you catch my drift. DO NOT BE AFRAID TO SHOOT YOUR SHOT!!!!!!

Speaking of shooting our shot, are you ready to hear what these schools ARE'NT telling you? Yes, they may be letting you in without a test score, blah BLah BLAH. BUT they are not giving you money without a test score. I can see many of your faces and I know this may make you want to change your mind about shooting your shot, but please don't be discouraged. There are a lot of other scholarships out there to apply for ! Since I can only speak for AAMU. Below, I have a chart outlining a few opportunities at AAMU...

Don't skip that chart, go back and read it! lol Since you read it, this is what scholarship requirements look like TEST SCORES! Every single scholarship requires a test score! EVERY...SINGLE...ONE! Again, don't be discouraged but this is still something to keep in mind when it comes to scholarships. College can be an exciting time for anyone however, paying for college can cause a lot of stress... financial stress. One way to combat that stress is Federal Financial Aid, which includes Pell Grant, Work-Study, Federal Loans, and Parent Plus Loans. You can also check out the list below of websites that offer scholarships. Oh and please don't be one of those lazy-ass students who don't take advantage of every opportunity out there.



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Take Away:
1. Getting in to college, piece of cake.
2. Paying for college a whole different story.
3. We welcome you at AAMU ( START HERE GO ANYWHERE!)


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