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I’m a dynamic leader, captivating speaker and life-changing coach to young people who want to do good work in the world but may not have found their niche. My passion in life is to engage, mentor,  and develop students. I have been encouraging, empowering and equipping students on a collegiate level since 2012. I have been blessed to be a motivational speaker, instructor, and coach. I have been featured in online and print publications. Which is a testament to my work, and the lives I have touched. And that is what makes me the proudest; the lives I’ve impacted. I know that it is bigger than me. I believe that I am the servant leader here to guide young people and that is why I produced this blog.


Professional   Truth

Professional Truth 
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 I was born to serve a purpose and a mission. If I could choose any words to describe me, it would be “ordinary girl”. I have dreams, fears, & problems. I worry, wish and want. I fall, get up and soar. I have been broken and put myself back together again. I stand for Justitia Omnibus, my faith is unbreakable, my family is irreplaceable. I value life lessons and I know that it is bigger than me! I vow to always be uplifting hand, a listening ear, & observant eye. & in the words of Gandhi, I am the change I want to see in the world.​ 


Personal   Truth

 I am a proud product and advocate for HBCU’s. I am a graduate of Stillman College and Alabama A&M University and a graduate of Thee I love Jackson State University. I am a living testament that HBCU’s equip you to start here and go anywhere.    

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 As a die-hard Martin Fan, I have always loved seeing his Do The Right Thing poster in his living room on the show. I remember always telling my parents when I get my own place I have to have this poster. It is now my pride and joy and definitely a conversation starter for anyone who comes into my home.   

In my mind, I am a world class interior designer who has a number one show on HGTV. Interior Design is my second passion in life. In my free time, I design and stage homes. My home is always my biggest and most ever-changing project. If you stick around I will share some photos of my home and my upcoming projects.


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