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Hi, I’m Bee! A southern belle, a true Capricorn, a 3-time HBCU graduate, a lover of flowers with a passion for fashion and an obsession with 90’s sitcoms. I’m a native of Darlington, SC, a small town that most people have never heard of, however, I’ve made it out and made my parents proud along the way. I currently work in higher education and my passion has always been helping young people find their way. Lately, my focus has shifted to helping myself. As a hard-working, modern millennial woman, I’m trying to find my way in this ghetto hood they call adulting. I’m a lover of Jesus, a dog mom, somebody’s fine auntie, an author, a faithful sister, friend, and daughter. & in my mind a world-class interior decorator. Welcome to my safe space. While you’re here join the conversation and let’s glow and grow together.

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