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31- The year of Increase

Guess what y'all?!? It's my BIRTHDAY!!!!

So let me tell you, I spent 30 trying to right some wrongs, accomplish some goals, and rest from being in school all my life. & it was a great year. As always God provided. I fell short on a few goals but exceeded my expectations on others. But I can truly say that I’m proud of myself and I put my best foot forward on everything. 31 is here and I titled it the year of increase. Increase in my Faith, Health, and Wealth... I pray that this year God moves in my life like never before. I pray that God continues to reveal my purpose, continues to order and guide my steps, and continues to keep me healthy and whole.

As always I have a list of 31 things I want to accomplish by the end of the year. However let me add this disclaimer if any of this is not in God's will, I pray he redirects my focus and places me on his path.

  1. Read more scripture

  2. Read 31 books

  3. Buy a house

  4. Get my real estate license and become a certified interior designer

  5. Sale a home

  6. Attend three conferences

  7. Continuing education classes (Higher Education )

  8. Title IX certification

  9. Host 6 Brunch with Brittany's

  10. Save $10,000

  11. Increase my credit score to 750

  12. Increase my salary

  13. Add two additional streams of income

  14. Invest in stocks

  15. Monetize my blog

  16. Walk 7 miles a week

  17. Lose 25 lbs. and maintain my weight

  18. Cut beef and pork out of my diet

  19. Release my children’s book

  20. Transition out of my current job

  21. Teach higher education courses

  22. Continue the work of the Holloman foundation

  23. Add three new clients for Real Talk with Dr. Bee

  24. Two vending machines

  25. Grow my hair

  26. Attend Bible study

  27. Go to therapy

  28. Only eat out on Fridays

  29. Speak with Friends and Family more

  30. Travel abroad (if COVID-19 allows)

  31. Love God, myself, and others

Honorable mention get married and have a baby 🙃

So again Happy Birthday to me!! I'm celebrating myself for the rest of the month!!!


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