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Daily Prayer

Dear God,

Thank you for allowing me to have clear vision and realization of my own personal flaws and shortcomings. Thank you for the wisdom to not only recognize where I fall short of the glory but for the humility to humble myself before you, so you can continue to lift me just as your word says. I come to you today lord God to ask for

continued strength, patience and hope.

Hope in you lord God. I pray that you Keep my heart guarded within the assurance of Your victory. I trust in You and believe that You will fulfill all of Your promises lord god.

May I never let discouraging thoughts cause me to lose faith. Lord, bless my mind and bless my emotions. Thank You Jesus, for being my Strength in times of uncertainty. Help me to hold fast to You, my Hope, the Anchor of my soul.

In your sons Jesus name, I pray Amen


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