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Don't Ruin your life with Social Media

When I sat down to write this blog my focus was on the many vulgar things I’ve seen on social media posted by college students. But then I soon realized that social media is a problem for many people not just Gen Z! So, I want to talk to my Millennials and all of Gen Z! Let’s be honest Social media is one of the biggest blessings and curse around these days. It will ruin your life you hear me your life!!! And you won’t even realize what the problem is.

Let’s first address what social media is.... a digital tool for you to create content and share it quickly. Now when social media started it was a great way to stay connected with friends and family. However, it has become a billion-dollar industry that can make or break your career. It’s used by many to market their business and scout for talent. Now don’t get me wrong even though it serves a business purpose we still use it to stay connected. For gen z and millennials Herein lies the problem.

Let’s start with Gen Z... The content that some people post is connecting us to certain parts of your life that let me just say shouldn’t be seen. Your private life is just that PRIVATE. The world doesn’t need to know what goes on in your bedroom. These inappropriate posts can cost you your career, ruin your reputation and relationships. You may think it’s just twitter but believe me, employers check your pages to make sure you are the kind of person they want to be associated with their brand. Often, I hear students say well it’s not my real name or I’m going to work for myself. Well, let me be the first to tell you, 1. when you’re a company with resources and talent you can find anything (hell I can find anything on the internet so please don’t think this business can’t) 2. Even if you own the company you still need employees and customers. If employees can’t trust you they won’t work for you, if customers don’t like what you’re selling (I.e. yourself) they ain’t buying!!

No, you millennials, you have different problems. You get on Facebook and Instagram and start rushing past the things you prayed for. You want to have the life that you see other people posting. Well, remember nobody post the negative stuff it’s just a highlight reel and comparison is the thief of joy. Be happy where you are, bloom where you are planted. Don’t rush your process and birth something that was never God’s promise for your life.

During the dissertation process, a friend of mine was held up going through IRB because the institution she wanted to work with made it a point to check all of her social media to make sure she was the type of person they wanted to work with their students. Now just think if she posted inappropriate things she wouldn’t be a Dr. today!

It’s simple, use social media to market yourself, your business, and stay connected to your family and friends. Don’t post things that will upset your life before it gets started and don't compare your life to others.


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