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Lets Toast it Up!

Whew, it is FINALLY December 31, 2020! Turn to your Neighbor and say we made it (Insert Shout). 2020 has been a hell of a year...For me, it started with a hurricane on my birthday (which is in 12 days) then we slid right into a pandemic that has unfortunately claimed the lives of over 300,000 American Citizens. Thankfully I haven’t been touched by this virus but a few people very close to me have and they are still in the land of the living so father I thank you.

Now if I’m being honest I came into this year with big plans and I do mean big plans. Don’t get me wrong COVID-19 wrecked things but it did allow me to grind like no other and get stuff done. However, for every one thing I checked off my list there were two things I didn’t even think about doing. And that’s ok because this was a year of learning, growing, and glowing with a few trips, slips, and stumbles buttttt no matter what I never fell down!! So I know many of us will spend the next few days cursing this year, singing our shoulda, woulda, coulda, and making a long list of resolutions for 2021. Well, I want to leave you with a few things you should hold onto in the new year.

  1. Give yourself some grace

  2. Take care of yourself ( health is wealth)

  3. Love more and laugh often

  4. Be kind for you never know what another person is going through

  5. Dream big

  6. Remember the dream is free the hustle is sold separately

  7. Don’t give up because your plans don’t work, change the plans not the goal

  8. 24 hours really is enough time to get s**t done, be wise with your time

  9. Celebrate the small wins

  10. Don’t talk about it be about it

  11. Keep grinding even if the people close to you don’t support eventually they will and it’ll be too late

  12. Get your affairs in order and keep them that way!

  13. Protect your peace above all

  14. Comparison is the thief of joy

  15. Just do it, don’t worry about finding the right moment it doesn’t exist

  16. Always remember you are your own secret sauce

  17. Invest in yourself

  18. Pray Plan Act! In the order!

  19. Listen actively to understand then apply

  20. Speak to God daily

2020 didn’t take you out so celebrate yourself, your life, your family, and all who are close to you. I hope that your tears you shed this year turn to champagne and we toast it up in the New Year🥂


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