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Montego Bay: A Tropical Paradise

Ok y'all again with the work trips lol

I was supposed to go to Montego Bay to recruit track athletes. At the very last minute, everyone backed out of the trip but you know who was still going.... ME! So me and my always down-to-ride friend Erika went to Montego Bay, Jamaica, to find some athletes and enjoy the beach. Little did we know we would find students and a much-needed softball coach. 

Fresh off the Plane

Montego Bay is a destination that needs no introduction. With its turquoise waters, white sandy beaches, and vibrant culture, it's a tropical paradise that beckons travelers from all over the world. In this travel recap, we'll take you on a journey through our not-so-recent lol trip to Montego Bay, sharing our experiences, tips, and highlights from this captivating destination.

Day 1: 

Our adventure began with a warm welcome at Sangster International Airport. Contrary to what we saw all over the internet we arrived in perfect time, with short lines, that made it very easy to move through customs. The moment we stepped out, we were greeted by the tropical breeze and the reggae beats that set the tone for our entire trip. After a quick transfer to our resort, we settled into our luxurious beachfront accommodations and watched the sun dip below the horizon.

Hotel Transfer Linked Below:

We stayed at the Zoetry Montego Bay for 5 days and man oh man was it beautiful. This all-inclusive luxury boutique Hyatt resort offered: Private beach access, two pools, 4 restaurants and bars, and butler service. The personalized service and a welcome bottle of Rum were my personal favorites. Now if you're looking for a party hotel this isn't it but if you want to relax and unwind you are in the right place. 

Zoetry Montego Bay Link: 

Now for what you really came for LOL let's get into our itinerary: We had two days of excursions all booked through AMStar. Each of the days were full 8:00-5:00 ish days but the excursions came with round-trip transportation and food. Now y'all the food.... My God, it was amazing! I mean literal Chef's Kiss!!! For me, that's what made both days worth it lol. (Food Photos at the end)

Excursions Booking Link: 

Day 2:

We jumped on the worst bus I had ever seen in my life and rode an hour to Ocho Rios. Thank goodness for traveling graces and mercies because once we got off of that bus we jumped on a party boat with a to-go plate for lunch lol and Reggae music blasting. From there we made it to Dunn's River Falls. And yes, we did hike the Falls! Before this recent trip to Mexico, this was the scariest thing I had ever done lol. Dunn's River Falls is one of Jamaica's most iconic attractions. This magnificent waterfall is a must-visit for any traveler seeking adventure and natural splendor. Dunn's River is a 180-foot (55-meter) cascading waterfall that flows directly into the Caribbean Sea. What sets it apart from other waterfalls is its unique formation of natural terraces and steps, which allow visitors to climb right up the falls, creating a thrilling and refreshing adventure.

Upon arriving at Dunn's River Falls, we joined a guided tour group. Our guide provided us with safety instructions and led us to the bottom of the falls. As we began our ascent, the cool, crystal-clear waters rushed around us, making for a refreshing and invigorating experience. Climbing the falls was an adventure like no other. The combination of the natural limestone terraces and the rushing water creates a challenging yet enjoyable climb. Holding hands with our fellow adventurers, we navigated the steps and pools, occasionally taking breaks to soak in the breathtaking views of the surrounding lush rainforest. The scariest part of this was my non-swimming behind sliding down one of the mini waterfalls. But thankfully a black queen lent her man to make sure I didn't drown lol 

As I mentioned the falls are a must but please make sure you follow the rules and come prepared to hike in water: 

  • Water shoes 

  • Bathing Suit 

  • Waterproof Phone Case 

  • No Valuables 

Day 3:

We spent Day 3 riding ATVS and bamboo rafting. I've ridden on the back of an ATV before but to drive road...Not for the faint at heart! I was praying to sweet baby Jesus that I didn't flip the dern thing over.. But as always God provides and I didn't die. It was a fun experience but baby it was messy so please wear things you don't mind getting dirty and or throwing away. 

After ATV riding we were able to change and relax at the park/ beach. Again we had great food and drinks. From there our friendly bus driver came back and took us to the bamboo rafting. This was fun and pretty relaxing. We got to drink coconut water out of real coconuts! Received clay massages and had a mini photoshoot. 

Day 4: 

As our trip came to an end, we spent our last day simply relaxing on the beach, savoring the flavors of Jamaican cuisine, and reflecting on the unforgettable memories we created. Jamaica captured our hearts, and saying goodbye was bittersweet. 

Day 5:

We pre-ordered room service, packed up, and went to bed early to prepare for a day of traveling. However little did we know the transportation would arrive earlier than expected, the hotel required a "special" check out and card to give to our driver. So needless to say all of our plans went out the window and we were left rushing to the van to avoid getting stuck in Jamaica lol. It's funny now but baby it was a mess at the time.

Conclusion: Montego Bay exceeded our expectations in every way, from its breathtaking natural beauty to its rich cultural heritage. Whether you're seeking relaxation on the beach, adventure in the mountains, or a taste of Jamaican culture and cuisine, Montego Bay has it all. We left with our hearts full of gratitude for this enchanting destination and a longing to return someday soon. If you're planning a trip to the Caribbean, Montego Bay should undoubtedly be at the top of your list.

A few things I didn't mention

  1. Don't let them trick you, that KFC is not so much better than America and the lines are too darn long. 

  2. Leave the resort, it's safe-ish and you will have a better time. 

  3. The food off of the resort is better (thank me later) 

  4. When you leave the resort have your hotel book the transportation it is safer and cheaper. 

  5. Don't exchange your money, they want tips in USD. 

Overall it was a great trip! 10/10 I highly recommend!


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