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New Beginnings

Ok if you’ve read the blog or saw my last IG post then you know I’ve bid goodbye to the Hill. Well for everyone asking what’s next...

I've accepted a great offer to serve as Deputy Athletic Director/ Senior Women's Administrator, as well as Director of the Dr. Herman Long Scholar Athlete Program and ya girl is now an Assistant Professor at Talladega College.

That’s a lot but you already know if I’m not doing 30 things then am I really working?!?

Talladega is an amazing liberal arts HBCU nestled in Talladega, Alabama. With an enrollment of 900 students, Tornado Valley is small but mighty. I have the opportunity to work with Championship teams to build and grow their programs. All while developing students into the best version of themselves. I am beyond grateful for this new opportunity. And I'm looking forward to what this new chapter will bring.

Before I wrap this up, I want to share one thing with you. Don't limit what God can do for you. When I took limitations off of God different doors opened up for me. Stay Tuned... The best is yet to come!


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