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2022 Travel Recap

For years all I did was work work work work work work (and I hope you read that in Rihanna’s singing voice lol) But seriously I worked all the time and never ever took time off. Well 2022 was my year to travel and relax. I went from not taking a vacation in 7 years to taking 5 in 7 months. Last year I was blessed to understand the importance of taking time and enjoying every moment of it.

I traveled to some new places, visited some oldie but goodies, and most importantly I got to do it all with people I love. Since you’re here let’s do a recap of the places I visited and run through the good, the bad and the I’ll never go back again! At the end I’ll let you know some things to do in each place.

First up!

New York

Loud, Dirty, Too much walking, and bad food! I don’t care if you agree with me (insert Kayne shrug) argue with your mama!!! Overall I will give NY a 7/10. The vibe, the culture, and activities are unmatched! Everything else I can do without it.

Things to do:

  • Broadway play (my personal favorite)

  • Shop

  • Knicks Game

  • Statue of Liberty

  • Ellis Island

  • The Met

  • Empire State Building

  • Blue Note Jazz Club

  • Guggenheim

  • Visit all 5 Boroughs

Just make sure you have good shoes and you mind your business!!!!

(Can y'all believe I didn't get any other pictures the entire trip and I did a whole lot while I was there)

New Orleans

Oh Nola!!! One of my favorite places! New Orleans is rich is history, good food and even better spirits. However, it is just as dirty as New York and also involves a ton a walking. Make sure you experience all of the city not just Bourbon street lol.

Things to do:

  • Saints Game

  • Bourbon Street

  • EAT!!! Anywhere! All of the Food is GOODT!!

  • Swamp Tour

  • Dinner Cruise

  • Shop

  • Casino

  • French Quarter

  • Frenchman Street

  • Museum of Art

  • Café du Monde

Mobile, AL

The GHETTO!!!!!! Mobile is probably one of the worst places I have ever been in my life and that’s saying a lot since I live in Talladega, AL. 3/10 I’m only going back if I get to see Moneybagg again. No but in all seriousness Mobile wasn’t great for me and I’ve been several times. Still don’t understand why people like it.

The Bahamas!!! Freeport and Bimini

This is a two for one because I took a cruise. First time ever cruising but it was actually really fun. I’m not a fan of being on the water for days and not being able to use my phone. However, the solitude was unmatched! This was a four-day cruise and our first stop was Freeport. Now here me out I could do without Freeport! It was small and dirty. The beach wasn’t very appealing but the people were nice enough and the food was good. If you haven’t noticed I’m happy as long as I can eat lol. Now Bimini on the other hand… it is BREATHTAKING! The resort was a vibe. The food was great. The drinks were strong. 10/10 would highly recommend.

Kansas City, Missouri

Pleasantly surprised! Kansas City (well downtown) was very nice. Great food and safe streets (I walked everywhere). The shopping was just ok. Now I didn’t get to do a whole lot of exploring but I ate at all of the local spots and relaxed for a whole week.

Hotel: The Lowes Hotel

Things to do:

  • American Jazz Museum

  • Country Club Plaza

  • Independence Temple

  • City Market

  • Chiefs Game

Austin, TX

Now this was my absolute favorite trip this year! It was such a great city to visit and offered lots of opportunities to explore. I had the pleasure of taking my oldest nephew along with me and needless to say he enjoyed himself too! We sat courtside at college basketball games, ate great food, explored their interactive museum, and saw all that downtown has to offer. We went during thanksgiving and I would recommend going during a warmer month to really get a good experience. 10/10 would highly recommend!

Things to do:

  • Wonderspaces Museum

  • Dinner Cruise

  • Boozy Brunch

  • Distillery Tour

  • Museum of Ice Cream

  • The Continental Club

  • Dirty Sixth

Overall I enjoyed every place I went. I mean if I’m being honest all I want to do is eat, shop and lounge around. All the other activities are just a plus. I would recommend before going anywhere look up things to do, places to go, places to stay away from and multiple hotel reviews. But most importantly just plan to have fun and relax. Don’t be so serious. Life comes at your fast just enjoy yourself no matter the location!!!

BTW I didn’t list a hotel for all places because I usually stay at a Marriott property just to use my points. This will save you time and money!!! Oh, and check out my IG for photo/reel recaps from the trips! 


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