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Fearless! Focused! Free 33

Do you know what today is…. It’s my birthday! My Jesus year to be exact!!! Yes, yes I’m 33 years young! I am so happy to still be in the land of the living to experience this trip around the sun. 32 was a year! Some good things happened and some very bad things but My God allowed me to make it out with a smile on my face. This year my focus is simple God’s will! I did a lot in 2022 and everything that I asked for I received but let me tell you I fumbled most of it. If it is in his will I won’t ever be that reckless with the people or things he gives me.

I’m moving into this next season Fearless, Focused, and Free! I’m back to my normal birthday routine with a list of 33 things I want to accomplish this year. However, if any of it is not in God’s will then I don’t want it. But for the things that are I’m feeling real Mark 11:24 over them!

So here we go:

  1. Speak to God daily

  2. Pray twice a day

  3. Use my bible app everyday

  4. Find a new church home, closer to where I live

  5. Journal more…especially during the good times

  6. Live in peace and achieve balance in every aspect of life

  7. Read at least 12 books (check out the read with me tab on the website)

  8. Master NCAA Compliance

  9. Attend two Athletic Conferences

  10. Increase my salary by $35,000

  11. Stick to my monthly budget (budget sheets will be placed below)

  12. Save $15,000 (this is a big goal but I rather go shoot for the stars and just see where I land)

  13. Pay off my credit cards and KEEP THEM PAID OFF

  14. Finish this damn real estate class

  15. Sell 5 houses

  16. Monetize the blog

  17. Release my children’s books (for real this time)

  18. Release the Beecome Planner (deets on the website)

  19. Host at least 1 Brunch with Brittany

  20. Write and receive 5 grants for the Holloman Foundation

  21. Launch the Foundations school-based program

  22. Purchase a home

  23. Travel to two countries

  24. Lose 30lbs and maintain the weight loss

  25. Live a healthier lifestyle AKA get off my blood pressure meds

  26. Stop eating beef and pork (after my today lol I want my steak first)

  27. Get back into pilates

  28. Freeze my eggs

  29. Maintain better relationships with family and friends

  30. Get a Hobby (really leaning towards piano)

  31. Belle Ivy (IYKYK)

  32. No hair cuts

  33. Love myself more

Honorable Mention: get married and have a baby ❤️ 😂🙃

This is lot but I believe that I can accomplish this and much more! I’m choosing to make 33 the best year yet! Stay tuned and join me for the ride!!!

Happy Birthday to Me!!!


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