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Ready to Brunch

Hello world, I'm Brittany! Now that we have introductions out of the way let's talk about my new brunch series Brunch with Brittany! Brunch with Brittany is an exclusive ( and I do mean EXCLUSIVE ) chic dining experience where we will gather like girlfriends, connect like colleagues, socialize like sisters, network and transform the lives of young people. We will have open impactful conversations and offer transformative tips to inspire and execute plans of action. Oh and Men we didn't exclude you! We know you like brunch so you can come too!

My goal for this series is to put 25 millennials in a room and awaken something so great in there soul they have no choice but to act on it and tell a friend or two :) The theme for our first brunch is,  The Ultimate Pep Talk: How to be your authentic self and not live a muted life! We will discuss how easy it is lose yourself with work, family, friendships and just life in general. Our amazing panel includes Ms. Tabitha Sparks, social media influencer and founder of On Go Movement, Dr. Mauda Monger, COO of My Brothers Keeper, Mr. JamesAaron Pierre, influencer, and Mr. Matthew Goodman, comedian and band director. Yes I will also be joining the panel!! 

While brunch is the focus because I do believe all good things happen over a meal, my ultimate goal is to create an unforgettable experience, toast to accomplishments and form new connections. Brunch with Brittany will be like no other event you've been to before, Inclusive, informative, and interactive ! Brunch with Brittany is by millennials , for millennials, celebrating millennials.

I look forward to seeing each of you in the Rocket City of Huntsville, AL on January 11, 2020!!!!


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