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Relax, Relate, Release!

Self-Care- The practice of taking action to preserve or improves one’s own health!

The most important thing we can do to make it in this life is take care of ourselves. With all of the distractions in the world we often lose sight of our needs. As people we spend our days taking care of others and focusing on things we cannot change. Instead we should all learn to practice the pause and in that pause take a moment to Relax, Relate and Release the pressures of society and take care of us.


Sis listen suh this means exactly what is says just RELAX!! As my aunt used to say take a chill pill and calm your nerves. Use this time to unplug and unwind. This includes, unwinding from not only work but maybe your family and friends. Turn your phone on silent, stop checking emails and most importantly get off of social media for a while. Do whatever you need to do to just focus on you. Read a book, cook breakfast, dance like nobody is watching or simply go to sleep.

Cooking breakfast at home allows your enjoy yourslef without the Hustle and Bustle of a resturant!

Now let me let you in on a little secret. I make it a point to have self-care every weekend. I make time for myself because I spend all week worrying about others. So when Saturday rolls around all I do is RELAX!! If I don’t want to do it, I say NO and I say it without hesitation. This is my time to improve my mental, physical and emotional health.

What better way to relax then sitting on th beach! It is calming, peaceful and such a beautiful scenery!


By definition relate means to make or show a connection between. Use this time to establish connections or reconnect to something other than your current obligations. There is nothing better than connecting, sharing and finding the true meaning of inner peace, self-love, and true interdependency with God. Take a moment to mediate, go hiking, pray or read. The solitude will allow you to connect to a higher power. This will greatly improve your mental and emotional health.

I made it to the top of the mountain in this video and I never felt more connected with myself than ever before! It was my EUREKA moment that allowed me to be truly grateful for even life's smallest pleasures. That moment made me thankful.

Reading also allows you to relate and create connections. Feeding your brain with positive narratives that help you speak to yourself differently is greatest form of self-love and self-care.

These are a few of my favorite books! Not only do they help me relax and relate but they help me speak to myself differently!


Once you enter into a true state of relaxation this allows you to release any negative energy that may be holding you back. As the great Erykah Badu once said you gone hurt yo back dragging all them bags like that! Negative energy is baggage that will cause you to miss your bus. Taking a moment to relax will help you release things from your daily life that you never realized was weighing so heavy on your back. Releasing the negativity will allow room in your life for new and innovative ideas, a clear mind and pure heart.

YOGA! Allows you to be at peace, complete solitude, and to release toxins from your mind and body. Personally I prefer hot yoga it has a healing power!

Bubble baths also do the trick! Turn on your favorite music, light some candles and just chill. Leave it all in the water. You will walk out feeling brand new!

Bottom line of this the key to self-care is to RELAX without feeling guilty, RELATE and connect with yourself and God, and RELEASE toxins from your mind and body to free yourself. Make it a point include self-care in your daily routine it will improve your overall health and well being!

P.S. check back every Saturday as I will give you a new self-care tip every week!


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