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Self-Care Saturdze

Self-care has always been really important to me, however during this quarantine it has been one of my top priorities. Every Saturday I spend time focusing on my mental, spiritual, and physical well-being. Last Saturday I had to tackle my feet (insert side-eye). It took me about an hour to get them together but after it was all said and done I finally realized why I pay someone to do this and why Nancy is my FIRST CALL when all of this is over. LBS

So real transparent moment it's the end of April and I haven't gotten a pedicure since January 31st. Yes, you read that correctly January 31st. To say my feet looked rough is an understatement. If you wear gel polish then you know I was walking around needing a fill in on my toes. Lol, I was down bad very very bad! So there was only one thing to do and that was get on YouTube.

I don't know about y'all but once I get on YouTube I feel like a professional. So I found a video that listed step by step instructions and included a list of what was needed. After watching the video I went to my local Dollar Tree and got my supplies:

1. Nail Polish

2. Nail File

3. Foot scrapper

4. Foot mask

I already have the other items used at home.

5. Foot soaker

6. Coconut Oil

7. Alumni Foil

8. Cotton Balls

9. Pedicure Kit (this lowkey was a waste from Walmart)

10. Epsom Salt

Ok, so the first thing I needed to tackle was getting this gel polish off my feet and suh when I say it was a struggle I mean it was a struggle!!!!! It took almost 30 minutes to get it off and I high-key ripped part of my toenail off on my left big toe :( I filed down the gel polish to take the shinny layer off, added acetone to a cotton ball placed it on my toes and covered with alumni foil. I let this set for a total of 15 minutes then I scrapped the polish off.

With the gel off it really was smooth sailing from there. During this process I learned that I can not cut or file..... but baby what I can do is scrap the mess out of some feet lol. I made sugar scrub ( coconut oil and sugar) and went to work. My feet went in dry, cracked and worn. Oh but they came out feeling like a baby's bottom.

After that I used the foot mask that I purchased at the Dollar Tree. Now let me tell you about this mask it works over time. So literally over the next three days skin was just falling off of my feet. Now I liked it but I would have preferred for it work immediately. Oh and please follow the instructions on the mask and WASH your feet after you take them off!!! Next I used my sugar scrub again and rubbed my legs a feet with the scrub and oil and wrap them in a hot towel. I had a towel for my legs I just didn't get a picture. Finally the polish! Now I cant polish but my feet look a 1000% better!

I drunk some wine, watched insecure and laughed at myself trying to get these feet together. It might have been one of the best nights I've had during this quarantine. So I shared this to say find you something to do and have some fun while youre in the house. 


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