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6 Month Check-In...June What's Up

Guess what you guys we made it 6 months!!! Pat yourself on the back because 2020 has been one hell of a rollercoaster thus far! We have experienced a pandemic, an economic downturn, racial profiling, and police brutality. I thank God for my life, health, mental sanity, strength, and for each of you reading this. So this check-in is a recap for myself to make sure I stay on track and continue to hold my self accountable for reaching my goals despite the distractions of the world.

So let's begin, I turned 30 exactly 6 months and 4 days ago lol

I made a list like I do every year of things I want to do for my birthday. This year 30 for 30 list was different. This list was PERSONAL, this list was everything my future self would THANK ME for, this list made up for a lot of the MISTAKES I made in my 20’s. To remind you all I’m going to drop the list below.

  1. Living will

  2. Life insurance policy separate from my job

  3. Retirement account separate from my job

  4. Savings account at credit union

  5. Real estate license/certified interior designer

  6. Purchase some land

  7. Save $10,000

  8. Pay off all credit card debit

  9. Increase my salary

  10. Start teaching again

  11. Transition out of my current position into my career field

  12. Attend three conferences

  13. Three speaking engagements

  14. Host 4 Brunch with Brittany’s

  15. Lose 25 lbs. and maintain the weight loss

  16. Launch my podcast

  17. Monetize my blog

  18. Read two books a month

  19. Walk 7 miles a week

  20. Travel Abroad

  21. Visit my friends and family more

  22. Laugh often

  23. Finish my back tattoo

  24. Lose 25 lbs and maintain the weight loss

  25. Completely cut beef and pork out of my diet

  26. Pray more

  27. Worry less

  28. Learn how to swim

  29. Go to the beach

  30. Stay Obedient to God’s will

Today I’m checking in to let you know what I’ve accomplished, what I’m still working on, and what hang-ups I’ve had along the way. Now please know these accomplishments have not come without a lot of sacrifices, hard work, and struggle. Especially during these trying times, we are facing in the world today. I’ve personally been sick and on self-isolation but it never got me down or made my FAITH WAIVER. To date I have accomplished the following:

I have whole life insurance outside of my job.

A Living Will

Attended a Title IX conference

Hosted 2 Brunch with Brittany’s

Went to the Beach 🏖

Opened a savings account at a credit union

Paid off two credit cards

Started Dissertation Consulting (my first client defends his dissertation on July 8th)

Visited my family (I spent a whole week with Baby Karter)

Increased my service to the community

Established The Holloman Foundation, Inc.

Increased my salary (Thank you Jesus for Increase)

I have done 15 Speaking Engagements

I pray more and I am Obedient to God's Will

And my podcast will launch in a few weeks ( The Sit Down)

That’s a lot and I’m going to celebrate myself! But I will be the first one to say its still a lot I need to accomplish. During the rest of my time at home, I will continue to work hard, prioritize my time, seek God, drink water, and mind my business. During this time I have struggled, with my weight, worrying less, and saving money. The spirit of procrastination has delayed my book and COVID-19 has stopped a few other things. But I'm still pushing through.

I hope that each of you has been able to accomplish at least some of your goals during these first 6 months. If not it's ok. Refocus, prioritize and tell yourself its GO TIME!!!!!

P.S. a friend of mine asked me what made this year different. I simply told her I decided I wasn't going to miss out on anything else by not doing my part. The days of faith without work are dead for me. I refuse to let 30 pass me by with a bunch of shoulda, woulda, couldas!!!! Now tell me what made this year different for you?


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