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Self-Care Sundaze-Soul Food Edition

I love FOOD, I love to EAT, I love to COOK, hell I even love to go grocery shopping 😂. Being in the kitchen makes me happy, but nothing makes me happier than knowing my food is enjoyed. An amazing wine down for me after a long day is to light a candle, turn on some music, and make dinner. I honestly spend a large part of my day thinking about what am I going to eat, which normally translates to what am I going to cook lol. Chef Bee is always ready especially on the weekends. I get to cook breakfast and dinner. And I must Oh what a treat it is. I’m my own worst critic so I’ll be the first to say I messed this dish up but as the years go by I get better and better and have to say that less and less!! Now I love food so much because I’m a true southern girl and I believe you can do anything over a good meal. Every relationship I’ve ever had (friendships included) and even business deals have been sealed at the dinner table. It’s comforting, and despite what some may say SOUTHERN comfort is everybody’s thing 🥂.

This Sunday I started the day off with my daddy’s classic pancakes. Growing up he always made pancakes on Sunday morning.

You can go ahead and say it...Yum 😁 they look good and tasted even better. Now, I skipped lunch today because I felt like it lol but for dinner, since it's just me today I decided to go with a simple but classic dish. Baked spaghetti. I love love love my mamas baked spaghetti so I took a stab at this afternoon. I paired this dish with corn on the cob, garlic bread and no I didn't have anything green tonight because that’s my business!

I felt so good cooking this meal and listening to Betty Wright (May she Rest In Peace)

It was an on the couch, one bowl type of night!

This soul food Sunday has been one of favorites. I enjoyed spending the day doing stuff I love 😊

While you're here check out check out the photos below of some of my favorite dishes. P.S. lovin' me is like food to your soul

Now tell me what did you cook today?


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